Experience the future of learning with SPASIGMA Virtual Seminars.

We are committed to providing the opportunity for true negotiation mastery. SPASIGMA Virtual Seminars give you access to state-of-the-art negotiation skill-building on-demand, in the palm of your hand. You will learn every concept we deliver in our live seminars, plus bonuses only available online. Every bite-size module is easy to absorb and delivered by experienced, dynamic instructors.

Practice negotiations are vital. SPASIGMA online students tackle multiple challenging and entertaining case studies. Some online learning programs sacrifice one-one-one interaction, but not SPASIGMA Virtual Seminars. It’s important to flex your negotiation muscle and test new skills in a fun, safe environment. Each of your negotiations is evaluated by an SPASIGMA negotiation expert. A rare opportunity to track your improvement and highlight areas for growth.

One workout just isn't enough. Unlike legacy programs that provide "one-and-done" training with no follow-up, upon completion of the final course module, virtual seminar participants are delivered entertaining, engaging ongoing learning for 3 months. You’ll be analyzing comedic scenes for negotiation content, drilling the core concepts and taking part in practice negotiations with other learners from all over the world. Full comprehension of new ideas leads to new behavior, new habits and better agreements in every area.

What you will learn

When, how and why to say "No"
The versatility of The Flinch
How to move their Expectation Index
The truth about competitive leverage
Concession strategies that work
Concession pitfalls you must avoid
Strategies to discover what’s REALLY going on
Tactics they’ll never expect
A menu of surprise countermeasures
How to use Aristotle’s Three Pillars of Persuasion
Simple moves to leave less money behind
The importance of targets
Why issues are "agreement gold"
The phases of Win-Win
How to make a good deal great
When to walk
How to win (even when you have a weak alternatives)
Issue compatibility (and incompatibility)
The areas of subjective value you must satisfy
How to give less, get more and leave them satisfied
Tactics to increase your surplus
The key to expanding the pie
Practice Log Rolling for major gains
How to increase their perception of your power
The secrets to integrative bargaining

And MUCH more…