A buyer and a seller are negotiating.

The buyer has years of experience, but no formal training.

The seller is YOU.

Mr. Experience is your toughest customer. He rakes you over the coals no matter how hard you try to push back or how friendly you try to be. Nothing ever works.

You are half-way through your SPASIGMA Tactical and Competitive Negotiation Training. Maybe this time things will be different…

You quote your price and Mr. Experience uses his favorite trick, “Are you kidding? That’s way too high.” He’s full of confidence. All he has to do is sit and wait. You’ll lower your price like you always do (and like everybody else always does).

Not this time. You know this game. You experienced this in The Limo Case practice negotiation. You know what to do when a buyer Flinches. And when Mr. Experience followed the flinch with a Squeeze, you thought to yourself, ”I saw that coming from a mile away.”

His go-to tactics are a lot less intimidating now that you see exactly what he’s doing. He doesn’t expect you to be prepared. You respond like a pro with a basic countermeasure and one of the many tactics you’ve been practicing.

What happens next?

Silence. He responds with faux-bluster. His confidence is gone. Is he actually… he’s sweating!

He wipes his brow. Your stress has dissipated. You glance down to see if you’re sitting in a massage chair! Your shoulders relax as you realize, for the first time, you have leverage over this tough guy. What a relief to feel at ease during a tense negotiation.

You could rake him over the coals if you want to, but he’s a long-time customer. You don’t want him to feel you’re taking advantage of the situation (even though he’s taken advantage of you many times).

You layer in the relationship-building approach from today’s lesson as you provide a satisfaction-building concession strategy you rehearsed during The Stud Case.

For the first time, Mr. Experience pays you the price you deserve. Not only that, he thanks you for your generosity.

You ask yourself, ”How did I pull that off?” And then you remember, you’re enrolled in the SPASIGMA Tactical and Competitive Negotiation program.

The phone rings. It’s another tough customer. Last time they called, you let it go to voicemail. This time? You think to yourself, ”I got this.”

The SPASIGMA Tactical and Competitive Negotiation program is made up of twelve distinct sections:

Basics Targets and Expectations Persuasion Tactics Tactics and Countermeasures Concession Making Pressure and Planning The Nibble Satisfaction Uncovering Pressure Fuzzy Money Relationship TRAINING METHODOLOGY

This course uses many creative approaches to illustrate the fifty most important concepts you need to grasp to be a successful tactical and competitive negotiator.

  • Student Interaction
  • You will be taking the class along with others, so your virtual seminar leaders will use student interaction as a teaching tool.
  • Video Lecture
  • There are separate video lessons where we speak directly to you, the student.
  • Popular Entertainment
  • You will watch a number of examples from TV shows and movies. Watching a clip from Ghostbusters is the kind of “work” you’ll be doing as you progress through the SPASIGMA Online Academy.
  • SPASIGMA-Produced Entertainment
  • The Hollywood-based SPASIGMA creative team consists of award-winning entertainment industry professionals who produced videos specifically for the purposes of this class. You will see the case studies come to life in short TV shows based on your practice negotiations. You’ll laugh while you learn, but won’t miss a thing because negotiation experts conduct an in-depth analysis of each clip for negotiation content.
  • Practice Negotiation
  • Practice makes perfect. You will conduct multiple practice negotiations designed to spotlight the most critical do’s and don’t’s. Exposing what works and what doesn’t is how you eliminate bad habits and create profitable new ones. Entertainment is at the heart of everything we do at SPASIGMA, so you’ll have fun trying out new things in these unique, creative simulations.

The program includes 12-weeks of ongoing, on-demand reinforcement where you can practice what you’ve learned, test your skills and receive feedback from your peers.

Negotiation is a skill that pays for itself over and over (and over and over) again. If you’re negotiating against skilled negotiators, chances are you feel like you’re doing the best you can, but you could be doing better. In some cases, much better.

We don’t want to simply level the playing field, with Tactical and Competitive Negotiation mastery, you can tip the scale to your advantage.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what past participants have to say:

This gave me the much-needed confidence to move my negotiations over the top. This course can give you the much-needed tools to go out and be a champion negotiator.”

— Michael C.,  Branch Manager

We will make more money that will impact the bottom line in our organization. I used the tactics the same day of the class during break the saved organization $350 in 10 seconds and. Customer was satisfied and so was I. Thank you.”

— Jonathan,  Sales Manager

Engaging, informative and entertaining. Definitely a course I would recommend to sales personnel and anyone engaged in customer relations ”

— Joe V.,  Vice President of Sales

Good investment of time. Learned new things and was reminded of things I had forgotten”

— Richard C.,  Director of Organizational Improvement

I highly recommend this course and the program to improve your working sales toolbox.”

— Ed M.,  Sales Analyst

I negotiate $50 million dollar contracts as a buyer and hundreds of $50k,  $500k as seller each year. I am experienced, but this program still had value in isolated discrete tactics to be purposeful with in negotiations.”

— Jeff S.,  General Manager

Great class and a must for anyone who plays in the commercial arena!”

— Patrick F.,  Commodity Manager

I believe that SPASIGMA negation training is a great compliment to the SPA tool set and can't wait to attend the next training session.”

— Steve S.,  Director of Cooperate Purchasing

This program makes me think about my previous experience in negotiations and find out how I can improve my experience in the future by applying the knowledge.”

— N. Seybold- Account Manager

Something we lack is training in this area. This will help right away.”

— John H.,  VP of Sales and Business Development

The SPASIGMA negotiation training course gave me real life concepts that I can immediately apply in my job. A great experience.”

— Curtis S.,  Vice President of Operations

Great class to either learn negotiating skills or a great refresher for a seasoned veteran!”

— Chris M.,  District Sales Manager

Fastest way to increase profitability while developing your team! ”

—Mike H.,  Division VP

SPASIGMA training provides a solid foundation as it applies to business negotiations along with defining tactics to change our negotiating thought process and success. ”

—Kelly V.,  Vice President of Sales

One of the best courses I have taken, opened my eyes on how little I knew about Negotiations. Training our team will give us a quick ROR. Would highly recommend the course.”

— Tom G.,  President

For anyone looking to expand their negotiations skill set, you will be sure to take something away with you...regardless of your current experience.”

— Jarrod H.,  Inside Sales

In 8 hours, this session will increase my net worth tremendously.”

— Cliff G.,  Vice President

I came into this thinking I've been selling for 30 years what more can I learn? I learned a lot, not only about selling but also about myself.”

— Pam S.,  Inside sales Project management

I have negotiated deals for 25 years. I believe the seminar has given me more ammo to negotiate successfully.”

— Matt S.,  Territory Sales Manager

SPA is developing a robust negotiations seminar and training program to complement their pricing program.”

— Josh M. -Dir. sales and marketing

The best sales training I've had in my 25+ years of sales. The material and exercises were presented in an entertaining and engaging manner.”

— Keith P.,  Account Manager

Overall a great way to take a more direct look at how you present yourself to customers and how your subtle indicators ultimately affect the outcome of your negotiations. ”

— Caleb S.,  Product specialist