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Give Yourself and Your Team Negotiation Power that Builds the Bottom Line Fast

Begin the journey to mastery with the SPASIGMA White Belt Negotiation seminar. 

Nothing is more important than a strong foundation and that is exactly what the White Belt training provides.

Your organization’s profits depend on the individual and collective negotiation skill of your employees - from sales to purchasing. Set yourself up for success by learning techniques, strategies and concepts to immediately negotiate more profitable agreements.

This action-packed seminar will:

  • Revolutionize how you and your team view negotiation.
  • Give your organization the tools and knowledge to drive more profit than ever before with compelling and eye-opening case studies, critiques, and group exercises.
  • Instill knowledge fast. The day will fly by because our seminars are purposefully entertaining and educational; people learn more when they’re having fun.

Sessions will cover negotiation success secrets addressing:

  • One-on-one negotiation
  • Tactics to uncover pressure
  • Buyer tactics and countermeasures
  • How to make strategic concessions
  • Pricing strategies that protect your bottom line
  • Increasing outcome satisfaction that builds long-term
  • relationships
  • Aristotle’s 3 Pillars of Persuasion
  • Team negotiation

Yes, your team will leave with powerful negotiation tools they’ll find nowhere else. But that’s only the beginning.

The most important part of your investment is the ongoing online training that your employees will be eager to partake in. Why? Because it’s fun and, most importantly, it works. There’s no better motivator than results.

Our 90-day online learning-management system, unique to the industry, will reinforce and expand on the knowledge your team gains at the seminar. Because, no matter what anyone tells you, world-class negotiation skills aren’t built in a day.

“Engaging, informative and entertaining. Definitely a seminar I would recommend to sales personnel and anyone engaged in customer relations.” – Joe Velleman, Vice President of Sales, Mid-City Supply

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