Applying Six Sigma to Achieve Pricing Excellence


Leveraging Six Sigma Methodology Drives Continuous Margin Improvements


A disciplined process is needed to create Pricing Excellence –

SPA's Six Sigma training drives real results focused on achieving profitable growth.


Margin Leakage Example:

Most companies do not factor in customers that were given “promotional pricing” as a concession to land a new large account but have been getting this great pricing without producing the high volumes anticipated.


Your team will…improve margins by making better pricing decisions…with better processes and decision making tools.

Graduates from this course will learn to chart a clear path to pricing improvement. They will learn each of the following steps:

  1. How to design and design goals which are consistent with their company’s pricing strategy.
  2. How to measure and identify characteristics critical for pricing success.
  3. How to analyze the current situation and steps along the way.
  4. How to design an improved alternative which moves closer to the desire result.
  5. How to verify that actions taken create the right result.

“Basic human process are 4 Sigma at best…99% good is just not good enough.”