Best Jobs for the ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJs are industrious, forward thinking, commanding, and incredibly competent individuals. They often recognize patterns and trends quite well and have a natural ability to identify what path to take to achieve a desired goal. This provides them a vast pool of job opportunities they can excel in.

Listend below are a few jobs that ENTJs tend to be found in and why they are often drawn to the career.

Financial Planner: Due to the ENTJ's incredible knowledge of resource management, they often make great financial planners. They are very good at peering down long time lines and understanding the risks that are worth taking and the ones not worth taking as well as how to avoid them. In helping people understand these things, ENTJs can help many save a lot of money very easily.

Lawyer: ENTJs enjoy intellectual sparring and debates. They are often quick-witted and able to articulate very objective arguments in logical manners for everyone to understand. This especially comes in useful for ENTJs who are lawyers because they use this very skill either in attempt to defend their client, or to convince the jury and judge of what the defendant has done wrong in an almost inarguable way.

Systems Analyst: ENTJs make phenomenal system analysts. This is because the ENTJ is already wired to pay mind to systems, quickly identifying their stressor points, and then how to improve them for more optimal and efficient use. ENTJs are trustworthy to be in charge of running systems and even creating them so that all may benefit from their use, and it can be pretty much guaranteed to run well for a sufficient period of time.

Manager: With a natural commander or take charge attitude, ENTJs often make excellent managers and even CEOs. They intuitively understand how things should be going in almost any environment they are presented to work in, and they are great at directing people to get on board with the vision. They often see a problem and almost immediately see the solution path right after. Often times even, the ENTJ may see the ways in even how to prevent problems from occurring in advance in ways many others may have missed.

Employer: With a good ability to size people up, know the questions to ask to know what is being looked for or required, and understanding someone's work potential in a company on a long term scale, ENTJs can make for competent employers in a company. They are also not afraid of telling a person the objective reasons as to why they may have not gotten a job while some other types could allow their subjective emotions get in the way of this.