5 Fantastic Careers For The ESFP Personality

5 Fantastic Careers For The ESFP Personality


ESFPs are gregarious, spontaneous, fun-loving and practical individuals. They possess a natural charisma that attracts others to them with ease and makes them one of the easiest personality types to get along with. Their natural exuberance for life tends to make the ESFP an excellent fit for any job they choose. Listed below are some of the most popular fields of employment for the ESFP personality. 


Athletic Coaching


ESFPs are very in tune with their bodies, which allows them to pick up upon a variety of physical activities with ease. In understanding how the human body works and how to push its limits, ESFPs become capable of helping others do the same. This type’s natural charisma allows them to encourage their clients in a way that is motivating and uplifting, while simultaneously being informative and direct. 


Performance Arts


ESFPs live vividly in every moment and enjoy the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Many ESFPs are drawn to the performing arts because the field allows them to share their intense emotional experiences with others in an authentic and entertaining fashion. From music to theater to poetry, ESFPs are naturally emotive performers who know how to captivate and hold the attention of an audience.



ESFPs are naturally in tune with their body, which leads many of them to take a keen interest in learning about the factors that influence personal health. ESFPs are able to connect with clients in a way that encourages them to make healthy food and exercise choices, without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Nutrition is both a fascinating and highly practical field for the ESFP personality.




ESFP personalities tend to be known for their excellent senses of humor. Observational and present in nature, ESFPs are capable of translating everyday events into entertaining and consumable performances. Their flare for the dramatic allows them to retell stories in a way that can crack up even the toughest of crowds. Their natural optimism and presence helps the ESFP lighten any mood and keep the people around them in excellent spirits. 


Youth Worker


ESFPs are known for their eternally youthful spirit, whether they’re 8 or 80 years old. This gives them a natural ability to connect with children and young adults in a way that is accessible and authentic. From social work to church leadership to teaching, ESFPs have a natural knack for boiling complex concepts down into concrete and understandable terms. This allows them to meet people where they’re at and gives them a down to earth nature that children and adolescents respond well to.