Michael Jackson is commonly referred to as, “The King of Pop.” He was well known for his exceptional performances since his younger days when he would perform with his brothers in The Jackson 5, to later branch off and become his own legacy. Michael was an extremely interesting person, making for a great artist and performer.

In this article, we will be examining a few of these traits of Michael Jackson and using them to explain what his best fit Myers-Briggs Personality Type might have been. We will be using both the dichotomies of Extroversion vs Introversion, iNtution vs Sensing, Thinking vs Feeling, and Judging vs Perceiving, and also the cognitive functions to determine Michael’s best fit type.


Despite Michael’s electrifying performances and his ability to seem very energetic and lively on stage, surprisingly, his energy is incredibly subdued when off stage. In interviews, we find that Michael is actually very shy and reserved in nature. His volume when he spoke was also surprisingly very soft-spoken. This is all very good indication that Michael was most likely an introvert; one that focused on preserving energy and focusing that energy on the internal world.


In interviews, Michael describes how he always seemed to feel most alive when he was performing and in his body. Despite having lots of traces of symbolism in his music, he is usually very clear in his speech and straightforward. Michael also had an incredible ability to dance and move as if his body was an instrument, which leads us to not only believe he was a sensor, but an Extroverted Sensation type (Se). This function in essence deals with seeing things for what they empirically are, being very in tune with one’s body, and taking cease of the moment, and from watching Michael perform, it seems very evident that he was indeed all of the above.


Michael was very empathetic and morally driven. His music appeared to come from a place of internal values and self expression, and even his dance performances appeared to have come from a deep place of expressing himself. From this, we are led to believe that Michael was a Feeler, and not just any feeler, but an Introverted Feeling type (Fi), which is essentially the process of solidifying one’s own values and ethics, the moral anchor, and a drive for self expression.


Michael Jackson as we observe in interviews seems to be extremely laid back. Although he has picked up lots of management skills over the years coming from a family who was very into the show business, he appears to prefer judging his internal world of values and inner alignment (Fi) more than managing the external world and others (Te). This leads us to conclude that Michael must be a Perceiver type.

In Conclusion, Michael Jackson is most likely an ISFP, also known as The Artist.