There are a lot of different ways to engage one’s intellect. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that – you genius. You love all types of learning, we know. Kinesthetic? Can’t get your hands on that info fast enough. Aural? Send the audiobooks your way. Verbal? You can’t wait to talk about your love for 20th century artifacts. And don’t even get you started on quantum physics. 

 But anyway. Not everyone loves learning as much as you do. I know that sounds wild. But bear with us.  

It turns out, there are a lot of different ways to take in information. There are a lot of different ways to convey it. And much of the way we process learning has to do with our personalities.  

The first step, then, comes in figuring out your personality type. Are you an idealistic NF? A rational and future-oriented NT? A diligent and dutiful SJ? Or a creative and fun-loving SP? To get started, take our introductory quiz here. Go ahead, we’ll wait. 

Done? Great. Now scan your four-letter type. If it has an N and an F in it, congratulations, you’re an NF. If it has an S and a P in it, you’re an SP. Do you need us to break it down further? We know you don’t. You’re a prodigy. You’ve got it figured out.  

So now that you know your unique personality type, allow us to elucidate on your learning style. You’re going to love learning about it.  

NFs – You learn through analyzing the human element. 

You know what you love most about this article? We’re directly referencing you. Having a conversation with you. Teaching you something theoretical about how to understand both yourself and other people. And the reason you love all of this is because you’re an NF personality – analyzing the human element is your intellectual jam.  

NF personalities learn best through subjective conceptual analysis. Rather than route memorization or experience-based learning, these types enjoy being presented with a nice meaty theory they can sink their teeth into. It works best if the theory hinges upon the human element. If you present these types with a schema that helps them understand why their friends, colleagues and family members tick, they’ll do the rest of the obsessing on their own. By Monday morning, the NF will have read fifteen contrasting perspectives on the theory at hand and naturally formed their own conclusions. NFs are inherently inclined towards learning, as long as the learning is theoretical in nature – nothing bores them more than zooming in on the dry facts and figures involved. 

NTs – You learn through contrasting different perspectives. 

Okay look, this article is great, but where is the data to back it up? Are we going to provide you with resources? How are you meant to take us seriously until you first view our credentials, understand the sources we’re basing our arguments on and then contrast what we’re saying with the alternate perspective? Oh, you NT, you.  

Like NF personalities, NTs are naturally inclined towards conceptual and theoretical analysis. However, NTs approach theories through a rigorously logical lens. They seek to contrast various perspectives and determine the best or most fitting explanations for themselves. Therefore, these types learn best through first analyzing as much information on a given topic as they can get their hands on, and then debating that information as rigorously as possible. To spark an NT’s interest in anything, simply refuse to present alternate points of view. They’ll naturally seek out 500 of them and learn an incredible amount in the process.  

SJs – You learn through studying past examples and facts.  

Okay so we’re providing you with this testing tool – but just how reliable is it? Which year was it developed and by whom? Do large corporations use and trust it? Which ones?  

Ah, yes, the SJ. The master of delving into details and figuring out exactly which information is reliable and which is heresy. SJs excel at honing in on the specific facts surrounding a given field of information, and building up a wide knowledgebase around a particular topic. But when it comes to learning, the information has to be presented linearly, reliably and consistently. These types tend to learn best through formal approaches to education – that is, reading, attending lectures and being tested on what they know. SJs strive to learn from the top experts in a given field and are wary to accept information from anyone less. To peak an SJ’s interest, give them the best of the best information – the most reliable, time-tested and accepted. They’ll be quick to devour every detail of it.  

SPs – You learn through hands-on experimentation.  

Wow, this article is getting dry. Can’t we turn it into an interactive activity? The test was okay but an exercise would probably be best. You need us to show you how you can USE this information, or else really, what good is it? We get it, SP. You’re a hands-on individual. You want a solidly applicable base of knowledge and you want to acquire it through experimentation. 

SP personalities are fast-moving individuals who learn best through experimentation, improvisation and innovation. To fall back in love with learning, SPs need to get creative with it – test out how things work in your their way and come up with newer, better ways of getting it done. Give an SP an end goal and they’ll find a fascinating shortcut to getting there. And they’ll learn exactly how the system works in the process!