Best Jobs for INTP Personality Type

INTPs are often reserved, self-reliant, inquisitive, imaginative, and highly autonomous. They enjoy refining their logical conclusions and exploring more possibilities in the world to fuel their logic.

Listed below are a few jobs that INTPs can be often found in and why they tend to be attracted to these jobs and even excel in them.

IT: INTP are usually the typical IT Guys (or Gals) at jobs. They are often brilliant when it comes to understanding systems, especially those having to do with technology and how to fix them or improve them. By understanding the intricacies of systems in technology, they make great IT workers who are capable of repairing just about whatever is brought to them in a good amount of time.

Archaeologist: INTPs are skilled at looking at what may have been in the past and using that information to hypothesize or understand what that may mean for right now. This makes for a really skilled Archaeologist. Being able to study artifacts like fossils and other clues to what happened in history grants INTPs ideas of what these things could have been back then and even what their traces may be in the present day. (Eg. Chicken being the current Tyrannasauros Rex)

Biologist: A biologist is great

Chemist: Being able to explore different compunds and understand what each one may do, then continuing to constantly try other combinations and record the data from each observation before brainstorming what all it could be useful for is probably an INTP's drem job. They are extremely curious and handle large amounts of impersonal data and patterns very well, making them very capable of becoming a skilled chemist.

Philosopher: The INTP is a natural-born Philosopher. Highly inquisitive and imaginative, INTP tend to think of what may seem to be the most abstract and even random thoughts, and then find cohesive and logical reasoning behind them. They may question certain things in life that very few have ever thought to question and come to various conclusions on why things are the way they are. This makes INTP some of the best Philosophers or teachers of Philosophy out there.

Inventor: The INTP can often make for skilled inventors. Due to their curios nature, and willingness to explore what more can be brought into life with color, and their naturally scientific minds, INTP can often become very interested in pursuing their wild ideas of bringing machines into the world that would make things easier for the human race.

Computer Analyst/Programmer: Being a natural systematic thinker, INTPs can do exceptionally well in computer programming and analyzing. They are often the types of people who get into video games, but from that interest develop an interest in understanding how a game was created and then even how to recreate it. Having such a desire and drive for novelty in their thinking, they can come up with various programs that will benefit companies, but also become exceptional at analyzing programs that are already established.