5 Fantastic Careets for the INTP Personality

5 Fantastic Careers For The INTP Personality

INTPs are reserved, self-reliant, inquisitive, imaginative, and highly autonomous individuals. Internally, this type is constantly refining the logical conclusions they arrive at, and considering which possibilities are available to them as they continue their quest for understanding.

Listed below are a few fields that INTP personalities tend to enjoy and excel at.

Information Technology: 

INTPs are naturals when it comes to understanding complex systems and perceiving ways to fix or improve upon them. This tends to make the INTP well-suited for careers in the field of information technology, where finding solutions to problems that stem from intricate systems are of the essence. 


INTPs are skilled at analyzing past events and hypothesizing their connection to the present. Thorough in their analyses, this type is able to pick up on clues that others miss related to past events that can shape our current understanding of how the world functions. Whoever first discovered that the chicken is the closest living descendent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex may well have been an INTP.


The INTP type is a born Philosopher. Highly imaginative in nature, INTPs are adept at connecting logical reasoning to abstract thought. This type is prone to questioning and casting doubt onto topics that most others take for granted. This makes the INTP personality type a natural when it comes to learning or teaching philosophy. 


Curious and explorative in nature, INTPs are skilled at inventing new ways of solving problems. Bringing each new concept to light in a colorful and imaginative fashion, INTPs are not afraid to pursue even their wildest conceptualizations. This highly independent type can be incredibly entrepreneurial in nature once they perceive of a way to make the an aspect of the world work more smoothly.

Research Analysis:

INTPs are naturally skilled at rooting through large amounts of data and picking up on meaningful trends. Thorough and scientific in their approach, this type excels at presenting research in a way that is both accurate and accessible to others.