5 Fantastic Careers for the ENTJ Personality

5 Fantastic Careers For The ENTJ Personality


ENTJs are industrious, forward-thinking, commanding, and competent individuals. They recognize patterns and trends with ease and have a natural ability to identify what path to take to achieve a desired goal. This provides them a vast pool of job opportunities the ENTJ might excel in.

Listed below are a few fields ENTJs tend to be naturally excel within.

Financial Management:

ENTJs are naturally adept at resource management, which helps them to excel in finance-related roles. This type is skilled at peering down the line and perceiving the potential risks and payoffs of various investments. Their savviness when it comes to long-term planning allows the ENTJ to excel at optimizing their clients’ finances. 


ENTJs enjoy intellectual sparring and are often drawn toward fields that include an element of debate. This type is quick-witted and logical; relaying facts in an objective and accessible manner that others find difficult to argue with. These traits allow the ENTJ to excel in the field of law, where the ability to cleanly separate fact from assumption is of the essence.

Systems Analysis: 

ENTJs tend to excel in system analysis roles. This type is wired to quickly identify the stressor points that may exist within a given system and conceive of opportunities to optimize and improve what’s in place. Naturally inclined towards order, this type is quick to notice when something is not running as it was designed to and to implement whichever solution is necessary.  


ENTJs have a natural take-charge attitude that helps them to excel in positions of. This type intuitively understands which steps need to be taken to turn a long-term vision into a reality, and this competency inspires others to get on board. ENTJs are constantly scanning the horizons for upcoming opportunities and challenges. More often than not, this type is able to diffuse difficult situations long before they have the chance to develop into a roadblock.


ENTJs are excellent at sizing up the skills and abilities that each individual brings to the table. Detached in their reasoning, this type can often predict with impressive accuracy how successful a given individual is likely to be in a role. Their keen eye for potential makes the ENTJ a natural in the field of recruitment, where predictive and persuasive abilities are of the essence.