ESFPs are gregarious, spontaneous, fun-loving and practical people. They have a charisma to them that usually attracts people and makes them some of the easiest to get along with of all the Personality Types. This natural aura they bring with them tends to be a great addition in the work place, and allows ESFPs to have quite a variety of jobs they can choose from. Listed below are some of the most popular.


ESFPs are very in tune with their bodies and how to use them. This ability usually makes them very skilled in sports and other ways of using their body, making them very good athletic coaches. In understanding how their own body works and how to push its limits, they help others in doing the same for competitions and even just for their own health. And due to ESFPs having a natural charisma and way of dealing with people, athletic coaching easily opens many pathways to encouraging their clients or team to put the work in and give it their best.


ESFPs generally love anything that puts them in the moment and allows them to express their inner feelings. Many ESFPs use music to do this. They tend to be naturals at playing instruments and also great songwriters. Through their music, they are able to put into song the deep emotions that they have spiraling inside them and grant others the opportunity to experience those intense emotions as well.


ESFPs generally have a high interest in taking care of their bodies. This usually includes not only working out and staying fit, but also eating healthy to maintain their weight. ESFPs can take up learning about nutrition to better watch their own diet and nutritional intake, and then have an interest sparked in helping others do the same.


Many ESFPs tend to have an amazing sense of humor. Their ability to take things at face value and cease the moment brings the perfect combination for comedy. ESFPs such as Kevin Hart are excellent at taking the things that happen in everyday life and making a joke out of them by performing a retelling of the story in a dramatic way to make people laugh. This also helps ESFPs to remain in the moment and in good spirits as they keep others in good spirits as well.


ESFPs make great Youth Pastors for churches. They generally have a youthful spirit to them that young people love and relate to, and they are able to have fun and remain hip to the trends of today more than other personality types may be able to. This bring the ESFP down to Earth, helping the youth to overcome their own experiences in a way that does not make the ESFP seem higher than. ESFPs are also good at bringing complex concepts to understandable terms, making it easier for the youth to learn in a practical manner rather than intricate theory.