Best Jobs for INTJ Personality Type

INTJs are serious-minded, contemplative, reserved, and forward-thinking people. They are often strong with concepts, visionary thinkers, and very original in their ideas.

Below are a few jobs that INTJs tend to be found in and why they may enjoy and excel in those jobs.

Treasurer: INTJs are often very responsible and trustworthy individuals. These qualities often make them well-positioned as Treasurers in companies. They are capable of having a foresight for the company to know what is necessary to spend and what is best to save to avoid any financial pitfalls that most may not see coming.

Administrator: With the ability to take lead and direct people in the desired direction for the most effective outcome of the organization, business, or company, INTJs can be very prominent administrators. Though they are usually reserved, they are very capable of being in charge if found necessary and well-respected when commanding others and delegating tasks.

Attorney: Because INTJs are very pensive and logical in their approach to things, attorney work can often be a good job for them. They are great at being able to provide arguments for a defense of certain actions under certain circumstances if given enough time to mull it over. They also do well in predicting what will be the impact of certain actions by understanding the bigger picture.

Engineer: The INTJ has a mind that is wired to quickly grasp systems and even the potential to create them. They can be found in careers as engineers, effectively learning to understand machinery and how to refine the machines in a fashion that will last and be effective for all people who use them.

Psychologist: INTJs are often found in the field of psychology. They are usually very interested in the human mind, trying to understand people the best they can and then providing information on their findings of patterns in a way that people can test out the theories themselves and also find their own insights while conducting the experiment.

Scientist: This type can become a great Scientist. The INTJ usually searches for ways to bring about objective results in all that they do, especially after theorizing a hypothesis and then running it with some experiments to see if the hypothesis is accurate or needs refining. Becoming a scientist often requires just that.