In this week’s installment of The Negotiation President, we discuss Trump’s first days as president, U.S. tax law, and Miss Universe. What were your favorite negotiation news stories this week?

Rockwell Automation Could Shift Production to U.S. if Tax Law Changes

Can Rockwell change Trump’s opposition to border tax? He wants to grow manufacturing jobs. Rockwell’s brilliant preemptive move to tilt the tax table in its favor: promise US job repatriation. Flexible manufacturing & an automation-intensive US manufacturing restoration mean a huge net win for Rockwell.

Donald Trump Wastes No Time Going to Battle

Four days, four actions: Masterfully uses executive orders to swiftly seize leverage/political capital, anchor opponents in upcoming negotiations with foreign & US leaders, tilt, then deal — withdraw Pacific Trade Pact- renegotiate NAFTA(economy/jobs/taxes), start building wall(immigration/NAFTA/jobs), move embassy to Jerusalem (China/Taiwan/North Korea), Keystone XL(Russia/Canada/jobs/taxes).

When Donald Trump brought Miss Universe to Moscow

Whatever the veracity of the dossier,it’s hard to imagine how Trump would be vulnerable to its release, given the fact of his numerous other offensive words & deeds. His political power has no relation to his morality-only to disruption of sacred cows. For Trump, notoriety is the ultimate goal & leverage: not morality. One can imagine his tweet if the dossier is proven true.

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