This year, we will see what we’re calling the “Negotiation Presidency”. To help you stay informed on what this means, we’ll be bringing you negotiation news from the White House on a weekly basis. Read on for this week’s stories.

Trump Attacks CNN: You Are Fake News

Trump plays hardball with CNN and press corps over contested “dossier” reporting, tilting the tables in his “negotiations” with the press. Who attacks him walks away with broken teeth and tears. Scrambling to recover, another eviscerated Washington institution. Whatever your view of his politics (whatever those may be), we are witnessing a truly radical change in American and international political dynamics.

Trump Finds Controversy, Attacks It—and Moves On

10 Republican opponents, RNC, Hillary, Bill, Supreme Court justice, Obama, the media: none can quite find a formula to get Trump. WSJ’s Seib aptly describes his enigma,which has yet to be solved by any American politician (all commonly deemed smarter). Only foreigners (Putin, Xi, Jack Ma, Masa Son) are smiling. What do they know that Americans don’t? What about his personality & tactics confounds? Our democracy requires a solution. The only known path, pragmatism: bring leverage, move first, flatter/excite him, win on details. How skilled is your team?

Amazon Touts Job-Creation Plans, Patching Up Rift With Trump

“Amazon said it plans to create more than 100,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. within the next 18 months, leveraging plans already in the works in part to patch up its contentious relationship with President-elect Donald Trump.

Amazon said many of the new positions will be at already-announced warehouses under construction in Texas, California, Florida and New Jersey. Others will be in areas such as cloud technology, machine learning and advanced logistics—some of which eliminate jobs, experts say.”The President-elect was pleased to have played a role in that decision by Amazon.”

We’ll be bringing you negotiation news from the negotiation president and beyond each Friday. Have something to share?

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