If you’re pressured to produce more revenue and get better results with fixed resources, don’t panic. Instead, look around, because you’re surrounded by low-hanging fruit. It’s in your face every time you do a deal. But it’s too easy to miss if you and your team don’t know what to look for.

That’s why SPASIGMA negotiation training is the smartest investment you can make to accelerate your career and your company’s bottom line. It will give you the power to see and seize opportunities to build better deals, plug revenue leaks, and make more money. Consider what some recent seminar alumni have to say:

“It’s eye opening!” proclaimed Don Stueve, inside sales engineer for FCX Performance. He just completed a SPASIGMA one-day training event in Houston.

“It was very beneficial, and loaded with valuable and immediately actionable information,” said Michael Lesch, a sales representative for VWR International, who attended the Philadelphia event.

“It’s well worth the time,” enthused Thomas McGuire, owner of Air Hydro Power, at the Louisville seminar. He was so impressed he wanted a quote for an in-house seminar for all of his salespeople and engineers.

“It breaks down the sales process on both sides – both buying and selling – and focuses on the negotiation. It was very engaging and I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Jorge Diaz, sales director for G & S Nursery, about the Atlanta seminar.

“This was a very valuable seminar for anyone who does negotiations on ANY level. I think this would be a very good course for other members of my company in both sales and purchasing,” said Keith Little, project manager for Lewis-Goetz, about the Pittsburgh event.

Don, Michael, Thomas, Jorge, Keith, and the hundreds of others who have attended SPASIGMA seminars this year, are glad they showed up because it gave them negotiation information they couldn’t find anywhere else, such as:

·        The one negotiation tactic that will make you 2 to 3% more money annually – even if you don’t use any others.

·        How to subtly make the other party question their price point, while simultaneously building them up so that they want to continue doing business with you. (Yes, it is possible, and we look forward to telling you more. Just sign up for a seminar.)

·        How to perfectly prepare for a negotiation. Find out what to look for, where to look for it, and who to talk to so you can uncover the pressure the other side facing and use it to your advantage. (In negotiation, knowledge is most definitely power.)

·        How to make sure you never give anything away – anything – without getting something in return. Concessions add up faster than you think.

·        What to absolutely avoid in negotiation, when it pays to be shut up, when it pays to speak up, and so much more.

It’s not only what we teach that stands apart – it’s how we teach it.

·        You’ll be negotiating from the moment class begins. We drive home the power of negotiation by placing you and your team in unexpected real-world situations, so you’ll never forget what we teach you.

·        There are no boring lectures. You’re going to learn through experience. We will powerfully instill how and when to use critical tactics and strategies, and what you absolutely must avoid saying and doing.

·        You’re going to find out, first hand, what happens when you use the right and wrong negotiation approaches.You’ll discover how even seemingly inconsequential gestures and comments can significantly sway negotiation outcomes.

·        You’ll have fun. SPASIGMA training is the antithesis of death by PowerPoint. Remarkably engaging presenters drive home concepts with classic film clips and fun video snippets. You’ll be laughing so much you’ll be blown away by how much you retain in the process.

·        You’re going to learn how to get into the mind of your negotiation partner. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’re going to get a fresh perspective that will transform your negotiation strategy.

Here’s what’s even better: Our seminars are only the beginning because your seminar investment includes enrollment in our 90-day learning-management system, the SPASIGMA Online Academy. This accelerates, certifies, and sustains mastery of everything you learn at SPASIGMA seminars. Because, no matter what anyone tells you, world-class negotiation skills aren’t built in a day.

Ready to pick that low-hanging fruit, drive more revenue, and be the hero of your company? Sign up for a SPASIGMA seminar. Between now and July, we’re going to be in BaltimoreSan FranciscoSeattleDallas, and Chicago. And, if you want a deeper dive, be sure to check out Battle for Margin in Las Vegas.

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