5 Fantastic Careers For The ESTJ Personality

5 Fantastic Careers For The ESTJ Personality

ESTJs are responsible, dutiful, practical, competent, and efficient individuals. These types enjoy being in charge and are known to be effective leaders. This type meets challenges head on and are naturals when it comes to leading others to accomplish tasks. In the workplace, ESTJs make for incredibly dedicated and diligent employees. 

Listed below are some of the most popular fields that ESTJs tend to be found in.

Financial Management:

According to a study found on Truity.com, ESTJs make the most money of all the personality types on average, with the ENTJ coming in as a close second. This type naturally places their focus on resource management, which makes them well-suited for careers in finance. The logical and thorough nature of the ESTJ allows them to excel in positions where a strong attention to detail is required. 


ESTJs are traditional-minded and tend to harbor a deep reverence for the law. Naturals at retaining large volumes of information related to the past, this type is able to quickly absorb the ins and outs of legal systems. Competent and logical in their reasoning, ESTJs tend to be compelling debaters who enjoy the opportunity to parse apart the facts and communicate the truth.


ESTJs are often found in managerial positions. Effective and dutiful in all their endeavors, this type is able to quickly discern solutions to problems that arise in the workplace. The direct and straightforward approach of the ESTJ allows them to delegate tasks effectively and keep their team on track with targets at all times.

Military Personnel:

ESTJ can make excellent Military and Personnel Officers. This type has a no-nonsense attitude that inspires respect and trust from their coworkers. Excellent at objective decision-making, ESTJs can lead others to follow established systems in a dutiful and effective fashion. This makes them a natural fit for the military, where a strong ability to understand and perpetuate systems of order is of the essence.

Law Enforcement:

ESTJs have a high awareness of the need for order in a society, and tend to have a low tolerance for those who choose to disobey the law. Loyal and dutiful in nature, this type is intrinsically motivated to protect the communities they invest in – making them well-suited for law enforcement positions. The ESTJ’s ability to execute quick and effective decisions serves them well in careers that require them to react quickly and competently to their surroundings.