ISTJs are dedicated, practical, and competent workers. They are generally very good at understanding what needs to be done to solve problems and managing systems or people. They are extremely responsible, dependable, and outwardly composed. They value throughness and are not easily distracted but actually very good at remaining focused on the job at hand. For this reason, ISTJs tend to excel in the work place.

Listed below are a few of many career choices that ISTJs can generally be found in as well as why.


ISTJs are naturally suited to careers in the field of law enforcement. Their, “no nonsense” attitudes garner them a lot of respect and authority. They also tend to be excellent at enforcing rules that have already been instilled and understood by a community or society, as well as a natural talent and knowing how to effectively execute plans in practical ways.


ISTJs are excellent at handling resources. Usually great with money, they can often make great accountants as they have a knack for intuitively knowing how money ought to be used and creating systems for managing it.


ISTJs generally work very well with machines, facts, and numbers. This often makes for very great engineers as they naturally understand systems and work hard to replicate what systems have been placed beforehand and helping them become full-proof.


ISTJs excel at managing. They are amongst the top of all the personality types that usually understand what is expected of them in work environments as well as what is expected of others, and they are great at helping keep order in the places they’re involved in, usually being very good with time, direction, and great attentiveness for detail.


ISTJs are extremely common in the field of law, especially as lawyers or judges. Having a great mind for detail, organized, motivated, and sharp minds, they are excellent at debate and stating reasoning and facts to defend or even accuse if necessary. They also are very good at reviewing their work with fine-toothed combs, making sure they are fully prepared and their arguments are measured and valid.

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