ENFJs are very engaging, insightful, and people-focused individuals who perpetually work on creating better harmony in our world. This may include helping people get on the same page when it comes to their ethics and values, views on life, views on relationships, treatment of each other, and more. For this reason, ENFJs have a natural ability to assist in anything involving the betterment of interpersonal dynamics and, as a result, they tend to be drawn to quite a few different careers.

Listed below are a few potential jobs that ENFJs may enjoy. Although the type can be found in numerous more, these tend to be the most popular ones and reasons why they may thrive there.


ENFJs can make excellent educators. They enjoy engaging with others who are as thirsty for knowledge as they are in order to share information that may bring more color to their lives and perspectives on their world. ENFJs are generally known for their great communication skills which first involves being able to understand complex and abstract concepts and then bringing them down to a more digestible form with the use of descriptive metaphor and analogies. This comes in extremely handy when ENFJs are teaching what is commonly regarded as complex and intangible topics to their students, who will now be able to grasp the concepts taught and better learn how to apply them in everyday life.


ENFJs are all about getting people’s needs met and making sure that things are running smoothly in the communities they are involved in. For this reason, social work comes very naturally to the ENFJ who may take an interest in hearing all of the needs of the people they are surrounded by and happily finding ways to meet those needs, thereby leading the community to an overall better society where everyone feels more fulfilled.


The ENFJ as an intuitive is very attuned to seeking the meaning behind things and finding patterns of what is going on behind the curtain. This curiosity can eventually lead to the sharpening of the skill that the ENFJ uses to becoming a great Life Coach. By observing the ways in which they personally grew from their own life experiences, ENFJs are able to provide others with anecdotes to help them overcome life’s obstacles and become a better version of themselves. ENFJs intuitively find ways to gain lessons, epiphanies, and insights from everyday life, and then enjoy teaching or discussing those lessons with others who may be struggling with their own lives so that they, too, can operate at their highest potential.


ENFJs have a deep interest in the human mind and understanding the ways in which people think. As a result, they may take up a great interest in psychology as a career as it gives them the ability to not only study the human mind and behavior that fascinates them so much, but to also interact with more humans and engage with them. This feeds both the ENFJ’s desire for connection as well as their desire for a deeper understanding of people and relationships.


Having a natural interest in interpersonal dynamics and strengthening the connections between people, ENFJs may become phenomenal relationship coaches, hoping to improve the bonds of those who come to them for their advice. ENFJs intuitively understand the intricacies of relationships and what it takes to fix them, manage them, and improve them. They may be able to provide instructions on using tact in communication that is better for the individuals involved, provide exercises on how to get better connected, and shine light on the importance and effects of tone. To have such knowledge with a desire to help see outer harmony, the ENFJ usually makes for a great relationship coach.

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