Best Jobs for The INFP Personality Type

INFPs are gentle, imaginative, idealistic, and authentic. They have very strong values and stick by them, and through these values springs their whole sense of being, having their life encircled around these deep rooted self-beliefs.

Writer: Being very self reflective and imaginative, INFPs often make superb writers. They enjoy putting their thoughts into writing more than spoken words, and love to share their rich imaginations and musings with the world, or even keep to themselves for their own entertainment.

Artist: The mind of INFPs tend to revolve around a series of different things. Art is a way in which the INFP can learn to express these things of value and overall thought. Their internal world is often best expressed in artistic and self expressive ways of demonstration.

Journalist: INFPs love to hear the stories of others. Being often great listeners, they’re capable of genuinely being interested in a story especially involving an individual of their choosing and effectively writing a journal entry on the person that meets expected standards.


Interpreter: Often more than other types, INFPs enjoy learning other languages and being able to understand different cultures in this way. They can usually pick up languages fairly quickly and this can make for a great interpreter when need be.

Religious Educator: INFPs often have very strong moral convictions, which can lead to a heavy interest in religion. Being often philosophical at heart but also deeply interested in their own values, the INFP can excel at understanding many religions and lifestyles and eventually become competent enough to educate others in them