2017 marks the beginning of the Negotiation Presidency. To help you stay informed, we’ll be bringing you negotiation news from the White House on a weekly basis. Read on for this week’s stories.

Donald Trump Presses Fight Over F-35 Jet Costs

Trump discerns a critical flaw in US negotiation processes: Spec changes. Overruns are legendary in defense, but can Trump restructure the negotiation process to require greater upfront qualification and downstream compliance? Train his team? Wait, who sets up the process and negotiates the terms of these spec changes and variances? What is the balance of skill on each side of the deal? Metrics of success?

After China’s Hubris, It’s Trump’s Turn

Love or loathe him, Trump is digging deep into the critical question of leverage in America’s foreign policy. He took a phone call from Taiwan’s president and tilted the table in his favor. What’s his endgame?

Donald Trump Warns of Penalties If U.S. Firms Take Jobs Abroad

Trump reveals a hidden key to negotiation success: he won’t start a negotiation until he has tilted the tables in his favor. Like him or loathe him, he’s not interested in balanced negotiations – just winning. This story shows targeted companies that will get a crash course in negotiation – versus the first President with a lifetime of negotiation experience. Who is prepared and skilled enough to handle the Donald? Pity the Novice.

Trump Steps Up Criticism of Corporate America

“Mr. Trump also has signaled he will intervene directly in deals with defense contractors that rely on federal contracts for a hefty portion of their revenue. I think we have got to call out the Republicans where their walk doesn’t match their talk,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.). Finally, competition for Trump! Who knew there was leverage involved? How do you identify it, create it, and what do you do differently when you have it?

Boeing Seals $16.6 Billion Deal to Sell Jets to Iran

Air Force One for Free? 3-Way Deal? Trump’s threat to renegotiate Boeing’s contract to replace Air Force One has an intriguing backstory: newly revealed leverage/veto power over a $16b Boeing sale to Iran (plus future sales). Hmm, Airbus secured a $25b deal. Will Trump play his hand against Boeing, Iran, Airbus, the EU?

We’ll be bringing you negotiation news from the negotiation president and beyond each Friday.