The Best Jobs for the ISFJ Personality Type

ISFJs are warm, inviting, nurturing, and dutiful people. They have a natural understanding of practicality and how things have been done in the past to work consistently. They are generally reserved, unassuming, professional, modest, and extremely diligent with a keen eye that is attentive to details that most other personality types lack and may skip over. It is no wonder that in the work place, ISFJ can be a tremendous help.

Listed below are a few recommended and common jobs that ISFJ tend to find themselves in and excel at.

Preschool Teacher: ISFJs tend to make great teachers, especially for younger students. The ISFJ’s warmth makes their students feel welcome and comfortable, and their grounded mind helps restrain concepts that are taught from going to abstract for young minds. ISFJ also of all the types understand the importance of “nurture vs nature” and therefore tend to place heavy effort in creating great experiences for their young students.

Physical Therapist: Being that the ISFJ is usually such a caring individual and understand the best ways to make people feel comfortable, they tend to enjoy physical therapy.

Personal Financial Advisor: ISFJs can make incredible financial advisors. Being that they themselves are usually very responsible with their money and usually have a good method they personally have found to work in managing their resource, they become adept at passing this on to others as well. Their attention to detail and analytical skill helps them in being able to find monetary flaws with a client's financial plan and their interpersonal skills make them excellent at correcting these flaws without their client feeling condescended or embarrassed.

Nurse: ISFJs are very common in nursing. Their ability to intake lots of practical information and apply it whilst also creating a relaxing environment for patients makes them quite great at this job. This also allows the ISFJ to fulfill their need of catering to someone in a practical way.

Secretary: Being usually great with people, especially in one on one situations where they are aware of what is expected of them, ISFJs can become great secretaries. They dedicate themselves to assisting the people who call in and come to their desks with a ready smile and kindness,