Best Jobs for ENTP Personality Type

ENTPs are curious, energetic, inquisitive, rational, and confident. They are often the innovative and ingenious employees in jobs with the seemingly far fetched ideas that are somehow able to surprise everyone when they become reality!

Listed below are a few jobs that ENTPs can be often found in and why they tend to be attracted to these jobs and even excel in them.

Inventor: The ENTP is known to have a mind that is naturally fascinated with ideas and concepts or theories. This may lead them down a road of becoming an inventor. They often hone in on certain ideas and use their systematic minds to understand ways on how to develop and construct the machine in their mind to bring it into fruition.

Public Speaker: ENTPs can be very articulate in their speach. Having a naturally charismatic nature, while also a proclivity to conceptual thinking, ENTPs can make for great Public Speakers. They are also often aware of their audience and how much they may need to break a concept down for the audience to be able to frasp what is being shared properly.

University Professor: ENTPs often love community and helping those in their community understand the wonders of life. Although they may not like rigid structure as often, ENTPs can make for excellent University Professors. Concepts are usually able to be well grasped and received by their students, and the ENTP finds very creative manners to articulate or demonstrate the things they teach to better effectively educate their pupils.

Computer Analyst: With a mind that is capable of understanding complex systems and identifying where a flaw in the system may be, ENTPs can be highly effective computer analysts. They are thorough in their analysis of systems and are naturals at being able to pinpoint flaws and how to actually repair them qukcer than most people can.

Entrepreneur: ENTPs are known to be the current leaders of the entrepeneural world. They enjoy starting new projects and creating many ideas for upcoming ones, seeing all the possibilities and growing enthralled from their own thoughts of what could be. ENTPs are often highly persuasive and great at coming up with the very things that may appeal to society, leading to a great business project startup.