You’ve got a high-stakes, high-pressure deal that’s worth millions to your company.  You know your business cold, but this is a different situation.  You have to master the deal to ensure your organization’s future success.  Welcome to SPASIGMA Black Operations.

When it’s crunch time and you need to master a critical negotiation, SPASIGMA Black Operations (Black Ops) is your go-to resource.  There are so many critical negotiations where strategy, expertise, planning, analysis, and coaching can make a crucial difference in your wealth, your chances of winning, the value and profitability of the relationship, and the longevity of the relationship.  SPASIGMA’s Black Ops team will prepare your team to master the art, the strategy and the techniques of critical negotiations.

To be successful and win in high-stakes, high-pressure negotiation, you need intensive preparation and deep expertise.  The greater the deal, the greater the importance of strategy, expertise, planning, analysis, and coaching.  No matter your level of professional experience, each of these activities is highly specialized and requires true mastery to maximize your success.  Don’t leave it to chance.  If you and your team face one of the following negotiation scenarios, SPASIGMA Black Operations will make yours a wealthier company:

High-Value Contracts:  Buy Side or Sell Side, when the negotiation is high in value, every percentage point – and every term and condition – affects your company’s profitability.
Long-Term, Complex Contracts:  The longer the term and the more complex the variables involved in a contract, the greater the importance of strategy, expertise, planning, analysis, and coaching.
Strategic Alliances:  the question in strategic alliances or partnership agreements is not just whether they will work, but also for whom they will work.  Make sure your alliances serve you and your partner by getting the negotiation right.
Sale or Purchase of an Equity Stake, a Company, or Critical Assets:  This is not just a big contract, it’s the ultimate monetization of negotiation skill.  Ensure that you get the best terms possible, in all the critical economic and strategic dimensions of a deal.  

SPASIGMA’s Black Ops team brings together experts in the field of negotiation to support your team in all the critical stages and activities of professional negotiation:

Clarifying the Strategic Context of the negotiation.
Setting and Prioritizing Appropriate Goals and Targets for Key Terms and Conditions.
Preparing Value-Versioning and Other Strategies to Grow the Deal.
Modeling the Economic Value of Critical Decision Variables; Identify and Quantifying Risks.
Identifying your appropriate Team (including roles, personality types, and authority positions) and collateral resources.
Identifying and Profiling the Other Party’s Team:  Roles, Google Search/LinkedIn Psychological Profiling, Negotiation Styles.
Mapping the Process and Stages of Negotiation to set the stage for success.
Developing the Communication Strategy.
Identifying Competitive White Space to Grow The Deal and Exclude Competitors.
Profiling of Competitors’ Relative Positions:  SWOT, Leverage, Strategies for Disqualification.
Analysis of the Other Party’s Economic and Strategic Interests, as well as Pressure/Pain Points.
Identifying Points of Leverage in the Negotiation.
Quantifying and Planning Concession Strategies and Tactics.

Black Ops can make sure that in any critical negotiation, your team has the critical expertise and preparation to truly master the deal.  Black Ops brings experts in negotiation, psychological profiling, research and analytics to help your team to achieve a truly outstanding negotiation.