SPASIGMA provides the live training, online learning platform, mobile tools and sophisticated analytics necessary to accelerate, certify and sustain mastery of this critical skill set.

Powerful advances in education technology make online retention effective and fun. With a unique mix of multi-media presentations, case studies, role-playing and exercises for continuous retention, SPASIGMA’s Online Academy will keep you entertained as you enhance your negotiation skills.

A comedic video followed by a few thought-provoking questions to solidify an idea. Quick brainstorm exercises relate vital concepts to real-life negotiations and entertaining practice cases.

Business owners and team leaders love the online academy because built-in analytics make tracking and measuring individual and group progress easy. Students love it because it's like Netflix for work, and it only requires a few minutes per day. Spend seven minutes per day in the online academy. Have fun as you master the art and science of negotiation.