What does success mean to you? Higher margins and profits? Higher customer satisfaction? Stronger business relationships? More money? A successful career? Whatever your version of success, negotiation is a critical key to achieve it. We believe negotiation is like a sport. It requires deep knowledge of the subject, specific skills, training, coaching, equipment and continuous practice. SPASIGMA offers the systematic, holistic, long-term approach that professional business people need in order to achieve true mastery of this critical skill-set.

Optimal success requires negotiation training. Typically, salespeople are trained to sell, buyers are trained to buy. Buying and selling skills provide one component, but the subject of negotiation is vast and complex. Once exposed to formal negotiation training, experienced professionals are often amazed to learn of the vital areas of opportunity only visible through the lens of negotiation.


Established in 1993, Strategic Pricing Associates, "SPA" is the leading provider of pricing analytics to complex companies around the globe. SPA's strong platform of proprietary analytics and pricing tools quickly and efficiently helps companies convert their own invoice data into pricing architectures that maximize their pricing performance and competitive position. By creating SPASIGMA, SPA brings it's unrivaled background in analytics and mobile application development to professional negotiation training for the first time.

SPASIGMA seminar leaders have decades of experience training the world’s leading companies in the strategy, art and tactics of professional negotiation. Using a unique mix of multi-media presentations, case studies, role-playing, gamification and negotiation apps, SPASIGMA’s in person seminars in a city near you provide the Big-Bang event to launch a continuous program of negotiation mastery.


Since 1993, thousands of sales and purchasing professionals from over 10,000 businesses have attended SPA Pricing seminars and taken advantage of SPA Pricing Tools and Software. SPASIGMA, the training division of SPA, provides traditional, in-person training, but you get much more than just a class. The "SPASIGMA Online Academy" is designed to solidify concepts covered in our seminars. Success is what happens when state-of-the-art training meets an engaging retention platform, all supported by mobile tools and proven analytics.


How to win at the game of negotiation
Strategies to uncover the other party’s pressure
Powerful tactics
Effective countermeasures
Concession making approaches
The dangers of negotiating when financially vague
Aristotle’s Three Pillars of Persuasion
Personality Types and Temperaments
Strategies to build and maintain long-term business relationships
Proven ways to increase the other party’s satisfaction


C-Suite Executives
Sales Professionals
Owners and Management
Purchasing Professionals
Product Managers
Marketing Professionals
Project Managers